Eternally Young and Energetic

That’s a description I just heard of God. And it blew my mind. God is old. Possibly somewhat decrepit. Ok, all powerful. But at bare minimum, He’s old, right?

I have never in my LIFE heard anyone describe God as young, let alone eternally young.

The ramifications are many. Endless, like God?

Source: (listen to Wed, Dec. 9)

Text: Isaiah 40:25-31

Goodness and Pain

What does it mean for God to be good and for excruciating and endless pain to exist? Should I change my view of pain? Should I change my view of good? Or, last but not least, I could change my view of God.

Good = desiring the health of the other.
Pain = not health.
God = good?

I recognize complexity plays a role. So when I talk about “the other” I am talking about 7 billion + humans. They can be  thought of individually or collectively. Both creates new problems.

Had my quiet time this morning, audio version, and the speaker encouraged the listener to rest in God’s goodness. Rest isn’t possible in the middle of pain. Pain forces the sufferer to do everything within its power to remove the pain – i.e. it forces action.

But what to do, what to believe, when nothing removes the pain?