Books around the Globe and through Time

I can imagine a vacation no better than a world tour of the greatest libraries.


When I have the time, money, and a companion as nerdy as I, I’ll disappear down those dusty halls. Too bad the Library of Alexandria is no more.  (Turns out that library was dedicated to one definition behind the name of my blog: the Muses.)



Conundra: plural of conundrum.

This word is worth posting because I didn’t know it existed! How can you get worse than having a conundrum? By having multiple of them, apparently. Also, the term feels quite feminine as it ends in “a”. And it also makes me want to say The Conundra in the Tundra.

Final thought: “conundrum” can mean something other than I had ever heard before and it’s delightful: a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun.

I think “Conundra” should be the staring role of a play, in which she is a very problematic woman, *unsolvabley so.

* Yes, I just made up that word.