Three Things

I just read some thoughts on creating gratitude, and one idea was to write down three good things from that day, every day. So, gonna do that… No guarantee on how interesting this will be.

  1. A dear friend, named Rebecca, let me come over and whine and complain. It was great!
  2. I have possibly the best roommate in the world. She listens, she’s kind, she’s supportive, she’s apologetic when she messes up, she’s sincerely jolly about life (mildly confusing to a person like me), and (my favorite characteristics for a roommate) she’s reliable. Reliability is gold! And it is rare, like gold.
  3. Tilapia is really good. I had three filets today. Amazing.
    1. I feel like if you list “tilapia” on your list of good things in your life, maybe your life isn’t so good. But we won’t delve into that.

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