I keep forgetting about “Three Things”

Apparently this “generating gratefulness” is hard work. I keep forgetting to write down three things I’m happy about.

So I’ll do 9! To make up for the last 2 days.

1. Sometimes professionals are professional. I called my 401k people about the $2500 they had lost for me (minor freak out) and they informed me how I was wrong (kindly) and I got a little education AND (most important part) I was no longer freaking out. Aaah life. Sometimes I am my own problem. But yeah for $2500 back! Kinda.
2. Another instance of a professional actually being professional. I’ve been dealing with a lawyer, an old employer, and one mean nasty insurance company who’s charging me thousands years after the service was rendered and paid for (by magically taking the money back! How do you do that?! I don’t know!!) My old employer actually provided the document needed by the lawyer guy in a timely manner. I wasn’t even sure I’d get the document! Yay! Should I follow up each of these “happy points” with yay?
3. Carrot juice. Lots of carrot juice and flaxseed oil in the morning can give you an incredible amount of energy – instantly – and (the real reason I’m taking it) possibly get your digestive system going (to make you regular). I hate carrots but somehow I like carrot juice. Flaxseed oil is nasty stuff.
4. I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this far in my list. Does this point count? Yay! (If adding “yay!” at the end, that makes the point legitimate.)
5. My boss is hands off. WAY hands off. I don’t even see him most of the time. He trusts us! That is cool. Amrish is a cool guy.
6. Sometimes when professionals aren’t professional, they compensate for it, in monetary form. I love when they do that. So this expensive piece of furniture I’m buying that is coming late? They are now paying for part of it due to their lateness. Thank you! I’ll take that…
7. My parents. I don’t know how this happened, but my parents are now pretty much the coolest people I know. Really. I didn’t see this coming. I visited them last week, and saw them in a new light! The ease with which they approach life, their laid backness, their child like joy and silliness (seriously – my parents are kids), and their smiling acceptance of this awful life, their industry despite things that would crush most people (or would at least crush me). I had the greatest time just watching them actually love life!
8. This is hard work… something else to be grateful for. Ah! My neck! I can now hold me head up without pain. As pathetic as that sounds, its true. Chiropractors are one of Gods greatest gifts to mankind. While this doc hasn’t healed most of me, he has healed what all else couldn’t. As I type I can feel my head sit loosely on my body. So weird (I’m used to pain) and so wonderful.
9. I’m so grateful for finally being done with this list! Mwhahahaha! That makes me sound like I’m 10. I do hold down a full time job, generally have the respect of my friends, and contribute economically. I promise. 🙂 I love the sun. That is my last and final note of happiness.

Three Things

I just read some thoughts on creating gratitude, and one idea was to write down three good things from that day, every day. So, gonna do that… No guarantee on how interesting this will be.

  1. A dear friend, named Rebecca, let me come over and whine and complain. It was great!
  2. I have possibly the best roommate in the world. She listens, she’s kind, she’s supportive, she’s apologetic when she messes up, she’s sincerely jolly about life (mildly confusing to a person like me), and (my favorite characteristics for a roommate) she’s reliable. Reliability is gold! And it is rare, like gold.
  3. Tilapia is really good. I had three filets today. Amazing.
    1. I feel like if you list “tilapia” on your list of good things in your life, maybe your life isn’t so good. But we won’t delve into that.