Caution: The Doors are about to Explode

Every morning I ride the train to work. And every morning I hear the automated voice calmly say “Caution. The doors are about to explode”. Except that’s not exactly what the voice says. It’s always what I think it’s about to say. Instead it simply says the boring and mundane “Caution. The doors are about to close”. Seriously, they should add some drama to their informational messages.

I chalk this up to one too many movies. I’m a good American. I’ve seen a lot of shoot-em-up flicks, far more explosions than anyone should see, car rolling away in flames. Thanks America.

So mostly I sit down in my seat, giggle, hear the corrected phrase float across the nearly silent morning crew of commuters, and wonder at the health of my psychological state. This occurs daily.

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