Interviewed by the Enemy

So I was interviewed today, for a job, and it went amazingly well. I was thrilled. They were thrilled. We were all thrilled. We’ll see if it turns into an offer. One really cool thing was that their facility had much light (giant windows everywhere) and ubiquitous free snacks (oh the nice problems of the modern workforce). But being interviewed by someone who’s last name was Moriarty (save one letter) was highly amusing. Yesterday I wrote about Sherlock Holmes. Today I was interviewed by his archenemy. Although in this case the “archenemy” was a woman who noted that yes, her name is pronounced the same as the famed Sherlock archenemy, and no she is actually very nice, tame, supremely lacking in drama. Or danger. Or really much interest. And I am most certainly not Holmes.

But, I deduce that I might get the job, and if I do… I will eat many snacks.

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